Projects | 01
Projects | 01 - Renewable Energy

Since Autumn 2019 I have been working part-time for Carbery Housing Association (CHA) as their Operations Manager. This role involves responsibility for RED WoLF, a European project funded by the Interreg North-West Europe Programme. This research project aims to demonstrate the viability of renewable energy as an alternative to fossil fuels in social housing. CHA's contribution as a project partner is to put forward a number of their homes as part of a pilot to install photovoltaic panels, batteries, storage heaters and smart meters in. Other pilots will take place in France and the UK.

Projects | 02
Projects | 02 - Green Interventions

For a long time I have been interested in creating green interventions in the urban landscape, including green rooves, walls and other planting. In 2009, this led Fourth Wall Creations to be

commissioned by Urban Space Management to create living signage for the market at Elephant & Castle, South London. I have also integrated planting schemes into many of my public art commissions. Landscaping and urban design are areas I am keen to explore further.

Projects | 03
Projects | 03 - Urban Agriculture Focus

My major project for my MA in 2007 was entitled 'Emotional Landscapes and the Edible City'.  In collaboration with architect, Toshiko Terazono, I explored the potential integration of community-managed agricultural spaces into the urban environment. At the core of this approach was an understanding of a sustainable holistic system where plants and people depend on each other for survival. The practical application of this vision was explored through site-specific proposals and participative projects. In 2008 and 2009 I continued to explore the idea of growing food at home with Fourth Wall Creations, including the creation of an art installation called 'Living Room', which toured around UK festivals.

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